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3 Ways to Avoid 1X, ‘Middle Class Marketing Mindset’ Once and For All
1. Aim for 10x Quality
Producing 10x content is insanely resource-intensive. Super time consuming. Not to mention, expensive when you consider the number of people all working together to make it a reality. In other words, before you’re able to feasibly move forward on something this ambitious, you gotta free yourself up by cutting back in other areas.

2. 80/20 Your Own Activities
The goal is to figure out which 20% of your day delivers the 80% of backlinks, traffic, signups, and purchases. Then continually exploit it. By creating processes.

3. Think Processes. Not One-Offs
The only way to steer the ship forward is by putting plans into place to carry out that same level of output again and again and again. But in order to do that, we just learned you gotta give something up. Like ditching hacks in order to chase scale.