Recent Investments From Oracle And Salesforce Signal AI May Be Ready To Impact Marketing - Demand Gen Report | The MarTech Digest |
Recent pushes by both Salesforce and Oracle into the artificial intelligence (AI) space have stirred conversations around its potential in the B2B landscape. Both companies are expecting AI to provide users technology that can continuously learn and adapt to enhance how marketing and sales teams produce and execute campaigns.

With the ability to make intelligent decisions based on data and behavior triggers, Oracle states that it will help users streamline business tasks and provide them with individualized recommendations for engaging with prospective customers. The announcement, named Adaptive Intelligent Applications, was made at the company’s annual OpenWorld Conference and came shortly after Salesforce unveiled its Einstein project, which will incorporate AI into its core cloud offerings.

Both moves highlight the growing importance of analytics within B2B organizations, and advancements in technology position users to maximize the data they are gathering from target accounts and buyers.