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Thoughts on the Salesforce ecosystem - Enterprise Irregulars

Thoughts on the Salesforce ecosystem - Enterprise Irregulars | The MarTech Digest |
A few questions I hope Salesforce starts to focus on

a) Where’s’ the payback from the ecosystem?

It would be nice for Salesforce to highlight payback customers have seen attributable to the “tax” for the use of the partners and technologies.

b) Why are more on-premise customers not leveraging the ecosystem?

In my interviews with SAP customers (and many other on-premise ones) I often hear that they cannot find broad functionality in the cloud. They tell me they can find plenty of core accounting, SFA, HR capabilities but vast swaths of vertical and even horizontal coverage are still missing. 

c) Where are the metrics for the ecosystem?

Salesforce has led the software industry in sharing uptime and other metrics. It should do the same with its SI partners – metrics on timeliness and budgets, T&E as percent of fees etc. 


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CYDigital/'s insight:

Surviving as a vendor on the AppExchange is not easy.

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Salesforce App Exchange Hits Three Million Downloads - re/code

Salesforce App Exchange Hits Three Million Downloads - re/code | The MarTech Digest |
While downloads from Apple’s App Store number in the tens of billions, downloads from Salesforce’s AppExchange today hit three million, according to a company blog post. And while that seems like a pretty small number, especially when you realize it has existed since 2006, consider this: The download of a single app — there are about 2,700 — might affect hundreds or thousands of individual users across a company. That makes it hard to quantify exactly how many individual users there are using these apps.

We do know this: More than 70 percent of Salesforce customers — again, customers are typically companies, not people — are using apps, and about half have installed at least two. And as is the case with popular apps on the App Store, a few successful companies are built entirely around AppExchange apps. Examples include ServiceMax, a cloud-based service that companies use to manage field service personnel, and Kenandy, a cloud-based application for running a company’s finances and operations.

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CYDigital/'s insight:

Suppose a 10% conversion rate, and an TLV of $10K = $300M. Still pales in comparison to Apple's App Store number x $1/download. 

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Customer Experience Matrix: Bislr: A "Marketing Operating System" That Includes Marketing Automation As An App | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Customer Experience Matrix: Bislr: A "Marketing Operating System" That Includes Marketing Automation As An App | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |


Buyers should look at Bislr's existing apps in comparison with corresponding features of conventional marketing automation systems.

The list is includes all standard marketing automation features:workflows, email, attribute- and behavior-based lead scoring (separate apps for each), social sharing and listening, landing pages, Web forms, calls to action, a/b testing, real time reporting, CRM integration with and NetSuite, Webinar integration with GoToWebinar (due soon), campaign tracking, and “Web hooks” to integrate via external systems. It also adds some that are less common, including social data appending, blogging, and Web content management. 

The quality of the apps was also impressive. Bislr says its goal is to provide easy-to-use versions of the most important functions, not to offer every possible feature. But the workflow engine provided a wide range of prebuilt actions, triggers, and conditions. The email, landing page, form, and call to action options all seemed reasonably complete. Social data appending can search 27 sources, will automatically identify potential matches, and adds social activity to each customer profile. Users can create dynamic lists and see a detailed history of an individual’s interactions.



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CYDigital/'s insight:

I've excerpted David Raab's review of Bislr's application, but his post talks to the MA platform approach which allows for third parties to build associated apps that extend Bislr's capabilities. For the user, this is an AppExchange for an MA platform, and the more MA vendors open up, the more functionality appears, and the more esconced the larger MA vendors become as it is their user base that drives the platform selection process for the 3rd party developers.

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