Appgyver’s Composer 2 Makes Building B2B Apps Easy - TechCrunch | The MarTech Digest |
Composer 2 still allows anybody to quickly build a mobile app for consumers, but the real focus now is on making it easy for anybody in an enterprise (or even a small business) to build internal line-of-business apps without having to touch any code. Like so many startups before it, AppGyver also found that selling to developers is hard, but its solution clearly fills the needs of the enterprise.

As an enterprise tool, Composer 2 natively integrates with standard business databases and data sources ranging from Oracle databases to Salesforce. It also integrates with a number of enterprise authentication protocols. Once users have wired up their data sources, they then build the basic interface and then use an IFTTT-like tool to create the rules that govern the app.

Appgyver will transition Composer 1 users to the new version. The company will offer a free plan for Composer 2 that will allow developers to get started with the service, but this free version only comes with one demo user account. Once you bring “real” users on board, you’ll have to pay. Prices start at $9/month per user. AppGyver plans to offer custom plans for big enterprises, too.

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