The B2I marketing organization: How IBM's CMO of North America organizes for business-to-individual marketing - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |
Q: How do you organize your marketers to deliver on that vision?
For each initiative, we create a cross-functional team of experts. We call these “Diamond Teams.” Each diamond team has discipline experts (with a specific area of marketing expertise), an industry or profession expert (such as financial services) and a product expert (such as cloud software, application development tools, flash storage, etc.).

This structure allows our teams to build deep expertise, and to bring that expertise to drive outcomes in an agile manner. Diamond teams focus on not just what we sell, but also on who we serve, so we can deliver insight and value.

The goal is for Diamond teams to be self-directed.  To be able to sit down around the table and work together. It has been exciting to see the energy come to life.