Introducing BumbleBIZZ: Tinder Meets LinkedIn - Social Media Explorer | The MarTech Digest |
With a new component called “BumbleBIZZ” (set for release in early fall) Bumble is aiming to make a transition from a Tinder-like dating app to a more all-encompassing social-networking platform.

This new feature matches individuals to others in similar professional circles. Like with Bumble’s dating feature, women must message first — and within 24 hours of being matched. CEO Whitney Wolfe says that this makes it “easier for women to set the tone in a potential business relationship.” Unlike Bumble’s business networking competitor, LinkedIn, where conversations and connections are more formal and professional, BumbleBIZZ hopes to engage potential cohorts in a more casual and immediate manner.

With merely a swipe, individuals who have the potential to influence and advance careers can be within reach. Whether the user is looking for help, an intern or a new coworker, BumbleBIZZ can connect them to others in the field. The algorithm behind this program takes into account the location, “industry, current job, education, and other relevant details” to match profiles of similar interests or professions to benefit both parties.