Celerant Technology Announces Full Digital Marketing Services | Business Wire | The MarTech Digest | Scoop.it
Celerant Technology announced the availability of its comprehensive integrated marketing automation platform and service, in addition to SEO services for its industry-leading retail platform. The digital marketing services offered by Celerant give retailers the ability to respond immediately to changes in the retail environment and continuously increase traffic and sales to their e-commerce websites and physical stores.

Celerant’s integrated email automation segments customers in real-time based on their buying patterns, behaviors and demographics; it then automatically sends relevant, personalized e-mails to drive engagement and conversion. The power behind this marketing automation solution stems from its seamless integration within the Celerant POS, e-commerce and CRM databases. Retailers employing this solution can set triggers that send marketing messages dynamically to customers based on any action they perform at any touchpoint.