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When You Need a Digital Asset Management Tool - Act-On Blog

When You Need a Digital Asset Management Tool - Act-On Blog | The MarTech Digest |
Karrie: Had you been doing what we were doing, which is Excel spreadsheets and Google Drive, until we implemented a tool recently? How have you guys been managing – and how do you think other companies across the board from what you’ve seen are managing their content and other assets?

Cathy: I’ve talked to a number of solutions and the people in those solutions. And when I say we’ve been using Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, and now we’re using Box, they laugh and say, ‘well, that’s normal.’ That’s what a lot of people are doing. That’s a great first step to implement a DAM. Because if you already know how you want your content organized, you’re that much closer to determining what solution is right for you.

Going in and saying, ‘we need a DAM’ without talking to each member of your team to see how they want to use the system is definitely not the right way to do it. So I think the way that you and I are doing it may seem inefficient to us, but it probably is an amazing first step to get to where you want to be.

Karrie: I would agree. Like you, we have a Box folder, we have Google Drive, we have Excel spreadsheets, and we try to share them with as many people as possible. But it just seems that no matter what we do, nobody’s ever been able to find the content, even though it seems pretty organized to us. Is that an issue that you’ve also faced, and maybe one of the pain points that drove you to sort of further your interest in finding a DAM tool is maybe the lack of ability for people to find what they’re looking for ‒ you’re always sending stuff out, the same stuff over and over?
CYDigital/'s insight:

A DAM also helps to protect your IP.


RYZZ: It’s a new approach to MarTech for B2B Marketers.


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What You Need to Know About Digital Asset Management Systems - Profs

What You Need to Know About Digital Asset Management Systems - Profs | The MarTech Digest |
DAM software can put an end to many day-to-day frustrations: relying on specialist software and key design personnel to reformat images and other graphics; printing old logos or out-of-date images on new marketing collateral; having to download images, save them to your desktop, and then upload them to email to be able to share; not being able to send files because they're too big; not being able to find files because you can't remember where you saved them...

Those are common problems, and they're not confined to just marketing departments or creative agencies. In today's world, it's difficult to imagine a business where digital media isn't a key driver for success, whether it's to promote their services with media rich advertising or to fundamentally support their day-to-day processes.

With DAM software, you can upload and download files and folders with ease, from any location. Once in the system, or as they're being imported, you can easily tag your files and folders with metadata that will enable you to find those files later on with a simple keyword search.
CYDigital/'s insight:

DAM has been looking for a growth market for quite a while, and it now has it.


Dark marketing clouds ahead? Let us help you see clearly. Contact us. #MarTech #DigitalMarketing

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Why Your Marketing Team Needs Digital Asset Management Software - Capterra Blog

Would your marketing team benefit from DAM software? To answer that question, I decided to turn to one of the experts: Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, one of the most popular digital asset management solutions in the industry. With her help, I’ve come up with the top four reasons why 2016 is the year to join the DAM world.

1. Manage ALL digital files in one central location

2. Share digital content across multiple channel

3. Tracking your assets and files becomes effortless

4. Secure location for assets integral to your brand
CYDigital/'s insight:

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Digital Asset Management: The Stomach of the Marketing Tech Stack | G2 Crowd

Digital Asset Management: The Stomach of the Marketing Tech Stack | G2 Crowd | The MarTech Digest |

MarTech is the best tool available to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. 

CYDigital/'s insight:

If managed correctly, your CRM or your MAP could accomplish this function.

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Digital Asset Management | WebDAM | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Digital Asset Management | WebDAM | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |

Connecting your brands, teams and digital media - Learn the latest facts about how top companies accelerate brand growth and leverage visual media with DAM.



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