DIFM – The Next Big Thing in Marketing Technology - Marketing Insider Group | The MarTech Digest | Scoop.it
So before you even invest in marketing automation, it’s time to figure out whether you’re going to take the traditional DIY (do it yourself) approach or take the road less traveled, but often leading to greater successes, the DIFM (do it for me) approach. Here’s the difference.

In a traditional DIY approach, marketers license the platform and complete all operations in-house. This approach typically works well for large, enterprise organizations that have the resources for a dedicated marketing operations staff.

In the less traditional DIFM approach, marketers remain focused on their core functions like creating content and developing campaigns, and leave the tactical operation of the platform itself to the marketing automation provider. This approach works well for small to mid-size businesses that need to be more conscious about where they’re spending their marketing efforts and dollars.