Marketing platform Kahuna applies its machine learning across customer journeys - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |
Kahuna is expanding again to focus on customer journeys instead of individual messaging campaigns, with the recent launch of Experiences for optimizing messages across a journey.

Previously the platform focused on a marketer’s ability to, say, send a email to a mobile user encouraging them to install a new travel app. Once installed, there might be an in-app message suggesting that the user search for airfare deals. And, if there was no response, that might be followed up by a push notification to the user’s locked screen, recommending use of the app.

In Kahuna’s nomenclature, each of those messages was a point-in-time campaign. Now, those separate messaging efforts are considered one journey, which Kahuna calls an experience. The marketer can now focus on messaging needed to move the customer or would-be customer along a combined path from one user segment to another, such as from the group of new users to the group of new users who have conducted an in-app search and made a purchase.