To aid marketing attribution, LeadsRx launches one tracking pixel to rule them all - VentureBeat | The MarTech Digest |
Today, LeadsRx has launched its 2.0 product that includes, among a raft of significant updates, a universal tracking pixel that promises to solve the attribution problem for marketers.

So how does the universal tracking pixel play with existing trackers from the likes of Google and Facebook? “The LeadsRx universal conversion tracking pixel works right alongside other pixels from the ad serving vendors like Google, Facebook, and AdRoll,” AJ Brown, CEO and cofounder at LeadsRx told me. “But the insights you’ll get from a universal pixel means you can remove the vendor pixels and get them off your site.”

The LeadsRx universal tracking pixel tracks attribution paths for each individual separately across all ad vendors. The end result? Marketers know exactly what is influencing each visitor’s decision to convert.