How Programmatic Site Retargeting Can Give Marketing Automation a Superboost - ClickZ | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |


A practice known as Programmatic Site Retargeting (PSR) can help you do that. Forms are a great source of data, and emails are a great way to reach people, but there's so much more at direct marketers' disposal.


PSR is actually akin to marketing automation in many ways. Just like marketing automation campaigns, PSR starts by scoring each user or lead based on a data set like the site pages they visited and time spent on those pages.


In marketing automation, you get that data from forms; with PSR, you get that data from site analytics, as well as readily available (and inexpensive) third-party data. PSR crunches all that data and creates a score that determines how much to bid to serve an impression for that user via an ad exchange, allowing marketers to target leads on the cheap.


The big advantage? With PSR, you don't have to rely on leads to fill out those forms, putting the power back in your hands. And those highly-targeted display ads can deliver the same message as your emails.



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