Proof lands $2 million to explain the cause and effect of your marketing spend - VentureBeat | The MarTech Digest |
The idea of Proof is simple. It shows B2B managers the results of their marketing expenditure. But the measurement, algorithms, and mathematics behind the scenes are more complex. It goes beyond many of the existing modeling approaches — which tend to rely on sometimes subjective, very occasionally more scientific weighting of channels and touch points — to accurately compute marketing attribution. You won’t find any common last or first-touch attribution here. Proof takes into account time lag, cause and effect, and the ripple effect of your entire array of marketing activities over extended periods of time.

Proof’s unique Correlation Engine offers results that explain the impact marketing campaigns, and other business factors, are having on sales, employee retention, customer awareness, and other key performance indicators, even when causes and their effects are months apart from each other.

And the company has taken a unique approach to the development of the tool too. While the attribution model was created by Stouse and his team, it has been honed by executives at major B2B organizations. In essence, Proof has become powered by the wisdom of crowds.