Google AdWords RLSA: 3 Ways to Take Full Advantage - Search Engine Watch | #TheMarketingTechAlert | The MarTech Digest |

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RLSAs become a very powerful tool for search marketers, especially as personalization continues as a trend across the digital landscape. Here are three things you can do to fully take advantage of RLSAs.

1. New Keyword Targeting

Are there keywords that typically don't perform well for you when targeted to the general market, but would be great keywords if you could only target previous customers? RLSAs allow you to do exactly that.


2. Bidding or Even Displaying an Ad

If you know a current customer is coming back and searching on a branded term most likely to service their account, you can choose to not display an ad or reduce your bid for that customer and allow them to use your organic search ad.


3. Targeted Ad Copy

Want to welcome back a previous customer, or cross-sell a specific product given a recent purchase? This ability is available via RLSAs. Having more than one ad copy in rotation was always best practice as a test, but testing that ad copy with data-driven insights can change the game.



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