The Past, Present and Future of Customer Lifecycle Automation | CustomerThink | The MarTech Digest |
To really make the CRM+MA investment deliver on its potential and efficiently generate new customers and revenue, automation is also needed for the billions of dollars invested into top-funnel initiatives (events, ABM lead gen, paid search and social, content syndication, etc.). These are the initiatives designed to identify new contacts and obtain the prospect data marketing automation systems use to nurture prospects into opportunities.

Top-Funnel Automation has emerged as a solution has emerged as a solution to eliminate the manual, disconnected efforts that currently encumber demand marketers and prevent efficient scale. Specifically, we’re talking about centralizing all the diverse channels, data sources and programs used to generate prospects and then automating the ways in which we validate, enhance and inject that data as quickly as possible into nurture tracks.

With top-funnel automation in place and fully integrated with MA and CRM, the full prospect generation and customer acquisition process becomes streamlined and scalable. In effect, the same amount of marketing effort creates bigger wins.