CRM sucks, but voice, messaging, AI, and $15 million could make it better - VentureBeat | The MarTech Digest |
Every company loves CRM. Every sales rep hates it. Former Salesforce executive and current Tact CEO Chuck Ganapathi thinks the solution is a virtual personal assistant, driven by modern artificial intelligence.

“The challenge for all CRM systems … are the low usage rates amongst its users,” he told me via email. “Tact works to change that, sitting on top of your CRM, by turning a salesperson’s connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant that automates administrative tasks and creates a frictionless selling experience.”

Tact integrates with Salesforce, LinkedIn, email, calendars, address books, maps, phone apps and more. Then it allows salespeople to command and control those apps via voice, messaging, and touch. The goal is to make it easy to keep both salespeople and the CFO happy by ensuring all data is accurate, up-to-date, and, above all, easy to enter.