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Kickfire, VisiStat’s companion Chrome plug-in, allows you to get a wealth of information about a business when you are visiting their website. The plug-in itself is free. You only pay a nominal fee for detailed contact information including phone number and email address.

With KickFire, all you do is go to a website and click on the KickFire button in Chrome. KickFire instantly presents both technical and business information. It will show you key members of the company and which digital tools they are using, and can even connect to popular customer relationship management platforms (CRM).

If you are relying solely on customer-provided information, you might be intrigued by the detailed information you can get with VisiStat and KickFire. For sales prospecting, KickFire might be just the tool that your sales professionals can use to get better insight into their sales opportunities. For the more sophisticated investigator, give VisiStat a test-drive to see who is visiting your site. You might be surprised to discover who is spending time perusing your digital display table.  Reaching out at just the right time might be the competitive advantage you’ve been seeking.