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An actiontag is a hashtag that triggers a response. For example, rather than just posting "We have a #NewProduct!" a brand can post "We have a #NewProduct! RT if you #want more information about it."

Here are three of the benefits of using actiontags in your social marketing campaigns:

  -- >  Participation via actiontags. When consumers express their interest in or support for something using actiontags like #want, #buy or #enter, they are explicitly—and publicly—raising their hand. That kind of social opt-in gives the brand an opportunity to respond directly and capitalize on that intent.

  -- >  Automated brand messaging. With automated messaging, a big brand now has the ability to reach out to each and every person who has raised their hand to be apart of a campaign that they have created. That allows brands to cost-effectively engage consumers one on one, opening up new marketing and conversion opportunities.

  -- >  Built-in amplification. Most social posts and messages are buried among thousands of others and have a difficult time elevating above the noise without a significant paid budget behind them. However, using an actiontag in your post creates built-in amplification—since the message spreads organically every time a consumer takes action on it.



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