Anchor Content: The Key To Content Marketing Success - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |

"Looking at this data and based on my own experiences, what I’ve seen is that it’s critical to produce what I call “anchor content.” You need to find a way to create pieces of content that are clearly differentiated from the other content that’s available in your market space:

  1. Focus your content on topics of interest to the early adopters and innovators in your space. They are the ones who are most likely to spread it.
  2. Promote your content to people who are listening. Your mass market isn’t listening, so there is no point attempting to address them.
  3. “Very good is bad.” You need to focus your attention on creating content that it excellent, elite, and yes, remarkable.


The notion of being remarkable is an interesting one, as it gets across the concept of being “worth talking about.” You need to produce content that opinion leaders will find worth talking about (or sharing or linking to). That’s what I call “anchor content,” and it needs to be the foundation of any content marketing strategy, or chances are you’ll fail.

You need to work on establishing yourself with a series of anchor-content-level pieces. Once you’ve established yourself with that level of content, you will need to keep finding ways to come up with more of it over time. So how much content is enough? It depends on your market, but in many markets, one anchor piece a quarter may well be enough."


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