Advanced Real-Time Analytics Will Get You the Answers That Google Analytics Can't - MarketingProfs | The MarTech Digest |
If you are a marketer, whether at a marketing agency, a brand, or a company, or you're a marketing consultant, you no doubt are always looking for ways to get your clients or company a leg up on the competition. You have Google Analytics experts, dashboards, reports on demand, and more. GA has helped get you to where you are now.

You need answers to the deeper business questions that GA doesn't provide. To gain a comprehensive understanding of a brand's users, personas, and target audience, you need to become an adopter of the next generation of real-time, time-series analytics: behavioral analytics.

With behavioral analytics, you can track the entire user journey via a timeline of events. You see every action on every event you set up to track, whether 1,000 events or a million. These can be mouse hovers, email opens/clicks, CRM activity, and even offline sales. You see not only the actions but also the events between the actions. The moments. This is where you really get an all-encompassing picture of the user journey.