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How Context Influences Good Content - Tony Zambito

How Context Influences Good Content - Tony Zambito | The MarTech Digest |

There are several guiding principles about context; marketing leaders can think about to address the conundrum they face:

- Think about first seeking to understand the contextual world of your buyer (also one of the major principles of HUMAN-CENTERED buyer persona development)
- Think good content can provide context to customers – only if you understand context from your buyer’s point of view
- Think environment, relationships, external influence, and situations shape context

- Think “what do buyers need to know?” – within the context of the world they experience


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CYDigital/'s insight:

I don't know why context is circled as a item to address: it's an inherent necessity as personas are developed.

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Scooped by CYDigital/!

The Future of Marketing is (better) Context | Forrester Blogs

The Future of Marketing is (better) Context | Forrester Blogs | The MarTech Digest |

Key excerpt...

Marketing and advertising, like Indian music, has always been contextual. As far back as 1867, billboards were being rented by marketers in dense urban areas outside train stations, and even earlier, direct mail took demographics into account to determine which regions and people to deliver flyers to. The truth is, though, that targeting brush strokes were broad, with flesh and bone staff doing a much better job of understanding a moment, a customer’s intent, and what the best thing to say would be. 

The game has changed over the years, in large part to the use of digital technologies and improvements in modeling groups, segments, and life stages of consumers. Context marketing represents a new pinnacle of what marketers are striving for - modeling the internal and external worlds of the customer in order to deliver meaningful, real-time experiences.

CYDigital/'s insight:

This post is B2C oriented, but we scooped this section as it prompts some thought: what does contextual marketing mean in the world of B2B marketing? And how does marketing technology improve those marketing efforts? B2B Contextual does not mean physical location (with the exception of events), rather, it is virtual. So what are those footsteps, and how can the B2B marketer take advantage of the trail?

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