The 4 Most Effective Customer/Lead Acquisition Strategies - Paxton Projects | The MarTech Digest |
1 – Paid Acquisition (I want fast growth)
Paid acquisition tips:
Always add value.
Align your ad, targeting and website experience with your ideal customers
Target your ideal customers first then branch out
Work out your benchmarks (CPA, AOV, LTV)
Be organized and be prepared to do the boring work (rinse & repeat what works)
2 – Viral Acquisition (I want huge growth)
This strategy is by far the cheapest way to acquire emails, social followers and more. All you have to do is follow the below steps.
1 – choose a prize that your target audience would get excited about.
2 – build a contest (lots of tools which help you do this)
3 – launch the contest
4 – market the contest
5 – watch the viral growth happen.
3 – Join Venture Acquisition (I want guaranteed growth)
Some examples of this:
Joint email promotion.
Joint event and sponsorships (e.g. web summits)
Guest appearance on podcasts
Join contests (what we discussed above)
Joint product launch
4 – Content Marketing Acquisition (I want long-term growth)
The best types of content are:
Resource lists
Case studies
Best xxxxx (like this post)
In depth product reviews & comparisons
Personal story (I had this problem & this is how I solved it)