5 Ways Marketing Automation Builds True Customer Loyalty - Marketing Insider Group | The MarTech Digest | Scoop.it
Here are the top five ways you can use marketing automation tools to strengthen your relationships with existing customers and build true customer loyalty:

  1. Measure Loyalty: Marketing Automation is an easy way to setup regular touch points to measure true customer loyalty. You can segment customers and create separate nurture streams to ask your customers how they feel about the relationship with your company.
  2. Build Brand Advocates: Use Marketing Automation to determine which customers are likely advocating for you and create special programs and incentives for these valuable lead sources.
  3. Personalizes Experiences: Marketing Automation allows you to identify the right content that should be delivered to each customer at the right time. 
  4. Keep Scoring Leads After Purchase: Lead scoring AFTER purchase is a great way to utilize the power of marketing automation to determine which customers are engaging with your content and who might be ready for a cross-sell, up-sell, or even a re-sell.
  5. Create End-to-End Customer experiences: Using the data from marketing automation you can identify the pain points, content, messaging and approaches that attracted your customers, the ones who converted, in the first place.