As the benefits of personalization become more attractive for surveyed consumers, the level of concern about privacy declines. Not surprisingly, receiving individualized pricing in the form of discounts for a product or service that consumers really wanted was among the most favored benefits for data use, with 57% expressing excitement. Coming in second, with 55% expressing excitement, was receiving a free product or service that consumers wanted but felt was too indulgent or not high enough in priority to purchase themselves. Interestingly, receiving dedicated concierge services and personalized advice came in at the bottom of the list of customer delights (less than 25% excitement each).

Concern over data practices increases with age, however, while excitement over free benefits declines. Some 65% of those under age 24 are not concerned about companies analyzing their buying patterns compared with 30% for those over 65. Similarly, for younger consumers, the better the benefit, the less concerned they are about privacy compared with other age groups.