How Deep Linking Push Notifications Can Lift Conversions | Leanplum | The MarTech Digest |
Deep links have grown increasingly common in recent years, and for good reason. Deep linking allows URLs to take mobile users from anywhere on the web to a specific screen within an app. They seamlessly bridge the gap between websites and apps. Apps that implement deep links have been shown to acquire 2x retention over 30 days, so it’s no surprise that mobile marketers are making good use of this tool.

Without deep links, URLs can only launch apps to the home screen; they can’t navigate to a particular screen. If you’re browsing an ecommerce site on your phone and you tap a product listing, you might have the option of opening it in the app, but you won’t be brought to the product listing. A non-deep link will simply drop you off at the app’s home screen, leaving you to navigate back to where you were.

Deep links aren’t only valuable for websites. Mobile marketers can include deep links in push notifications to add value to end users, thereby increasing conversions. In this post, we’ll explore a few ways in which deep linking push notifications makes for better marketing.