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When you think search, no doubt you think Google. But there are other popular major search engines (e.g., Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu) that you can turn when searching for information, images, maps, videos, products, or something local.

Selected digest focused on Directories...

Directories are an interesting topic. Do they carry weight? Can they hurt your rankings? Should you even bother? The answer here is yes, yes, and yes:




And a list of other minor directories, including JoeAnt, Jayde, etc.


Here are a few directory guidelines to follow that universally apply:

-Is the submission a guaranteed placement? If a directory will list you automatically (with or without a fee) then it's not an editorial link and either doesn't carry weight or likely won't in the near future. It should be avoided.

-Do they require a link back? If they do (even for their free listings when a paid is available), it probably should be avoided.

-Is their PageRank 3 or below? Yes, it's an old metric, but is still helpful to gauge general site health. A directory with a PageRank of 3 or less will, at best, pass virtually no weight; at worst, it'll cause you problems. Generally, you should only look at PageRank 3 directories in the case of niche directories; with general directories, don't even consider anything less than a 4.

-Common sense. Ah, the toughest one because our brains can trick us into seeing what we want to see. When you look at a directory (or any other link source for that matter) you have to ask yourself, "does it make sense that this link should pass weight to my site?" If you can honestly say "yes" to this then it's likely a good link.


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