CMOs Are Behind On Disruptive Growth [Research] - Marketing Insider Group | The MarTech Digest |
According to the Accenture research, disruptive growth is defined as “driving the disruptive growth agenda and generating new value for the business.”

There appears to be a misalignment on business priority and accountability. Only 37% of the CMOs surveyed by Accenture viewed disruptive growth as very important and are committing time and resources on innovation. And yet, three in four CMOs say they have total or a significant control of levers that drive disruptive growth at their organizations.

To get started with leading disruptive growth initiatives at their organizations, the Accenture research points out that CMOs need to first make their marketing priorities disruptive. They need to develop their disruptive growth strategy around these objectives:

Focusing on an outcome-driven orientation rather than product or service orientation
Improving and eliminating any friction from the customer experience
Tapping into customers’ unmet needs and creating new needs