eMarketer Launches Numbers, A Custom Chart-Building Tool — eMarketer | The MarTech Digest | Scoop.it
eMarketer announces the launch of Numbers, a customizable charting tool that allows users to tell compelling data stories quickly and easily.  The new tool, which launches today, allows eMarketer customers to select from thousands of metrics to create charts and tables tailored for their specific needs.  As with all eMarketer products, the Numbers tool incorporates only the most trusted, vetted, and methodically-researched eMarketer data.

Numbers charts can be custom-built using eMarketer’s vast database of research, which examines media trends, consumer behavior, and device usage in 41 countries.  The Numbers tool also allows users to filter metrics by demographics, including age, generation, gender, and race.

With just a few clicks, users can select the metrics they want to visualize, and build a custom chart that tells their unique story with data.  The information can then be used to track relevant trends by comparing benchmarks and metrics side by side.  Once built, charts can be converted into PNG files or Excel spreadsheets with a simple click, enabling them to be downloaded and shared.

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