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Learn what an email workflow is, and figure out if you should be using them in your marketing.


An email workflow is series of automated emails that will be sent -- or not -- based on a person's behavior or contact information. With workflows, you can trigger actions based on any information you have about your leads, allowing you to send the right message to the right person at the right time

Basically, the benefit of email workflows is twofold: You can 1) better engage leads (and turn them into customers) through relevant, targeted emails, and 2) save time by automating the whole process. 


Indications It’s Time to Use Workflows:

  • You’re generating leads but ignoring the ones that are not immediately ready to buy
  • Your sales team is unhappy with the quality of the leads you’re sending them
  • You’re sending the same emails to your entire list
  • You’re collecting valuable lead information, but not using it for segmentation
  • You’re not targeting your offers and messaging based on your leads’ needs
  • You’re sending or following up to all of your emails manually (and it's getting unwieldy)