Marketing Teams Will Soon Include "Engagement Scientists" - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |
Engagement science enables seamless integration between data and marketing strategies. It provides a platform for marketers and data scientists to interact with customers in a meaningful way. Engagement scientists create a better, stronger understanding of how customers interact with their brands, then implement strategic decisions based on analysis.

A growth hacker may practice engagement science, but by no means should growth hacking be equated with engagement science. Yes, growth hackers and engagement scientists both bridge marketing, product and engineering teams.

However, the primary differentiator of engagement science is that it connects its measurements (like email opens and clicks) directly with marketing decisions through statistical models, as opposed to intuition or accepted wisdom.

A data scientist, for instance, excels at drawing insights from data sets, but an engagement scientist takes it a step further and ensures that the analysis turns into value for customers and, as a result, your brand.

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