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Whether it is fear of change or legitimate concerns about shifting the status quo, most of the innovation in social is taking place in marketing and communications, rather than on a broader organizational basis.  This puts many marketers in the unique position of being social evangelists and driving change in the organizations they work for.


So what should marketers do to drive broader based social business change in their organizations?

  1. Be inclusive.  Consider how the programs you are running impact other functions and read them in.
  2. Look beyond initial implementation.  What business processes may be impacted by the programs or innovations you are implementing?  Plan for the long term.
  3. Go beyond your own set of metrics.  Explore data from other parts of the organization that may demonstrate the success of your programs.
  4. Gather internal feedback.  Don’t just consider customer reactions.  Understand employee reactions before and after you implement.  Employees are often closest to both the products and customers you serve and might have an idea you have not of thought of.
  5. Use the outside inside. Think about how external programs relate to internal programs or might translate to something that could be implemented internally.  Work cross functionally to explore this premise and make it happen.