Marketing Optimization: The 3 phases of evidence-based marketing | MarketingExperiments Blog | The MarTech Digest |

When you look at some of the emerging topics in marketing – analytics, metrics, A/B testing, conversion optimization and the like – there seems to be a growing interest among marketers in what I like to call … evidence-based marketing.


To help marketers become more evidenced-based, we’ve crafted the agenda for Optimization Summit 2013 in Boston around three key phases. No matter what phase you’re at, you can improve your ability in that phase, and try to move towards a more mature evidence-based marketing program. Here is a brief explanation of each phase, along with a sampling of resources to help you prepare for Optimization Summit 2013, or simply improve your own efforts.

  • Optimization is determining the value of the company, each product and each offer, and improving the communication of that value to the customer. So, this includes landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization. But, it also includes messaging, copywriting, design and presentation.
  • Experimentation is testing to learn more about what values resonate, and what messaging and processes to secure transactions are most effective. It includes A/B split testing and understanding how to read your metrics and analytics to understand which treatment won. But far beyond that, it also includes the ability to understand what makes a test valid or not, how to learn from your test results, and what to do with this information.
  • Transformation focuses on not only applying what has been learned, but also helping your marketing team make a cultural shift within your organization.