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MarTech CEOs Place Big Bet on Integrate

MarTech CEOs Place Big Bet on Integrate | The MarTech Digest |
Integrate, the pioneer and market leader in demand orchestration software – a large and rapidly growing segment of marketing technology – announced today that it secured $8 million in equity capital from new and existing investors to meet customer demand and further enhance its software. The company has now raised $35 million in venture capital since its inception in 2010.

Integrate's software tackles the last frontier of optimization in the B2B marketing stack, ensuring demand generation and top-of-funnel marketing programs yield results.  The company is experiencing a rapid expansion in its marquee customer base of enterprise and mid-market organizations, serving over 400 customers including brands such as Dell, Salesforce, Lookout, Iron Mountain and ServiceNow. Integrate's annual recurring subscription revenue nearly tripled this past year, and it generated positive operating cash flow for the past four fiscal quarters.
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Automating $30B in lead-gen: Integrate grows 20% a month tackling marketing's last mile - VentureBeat

Automating $30B in lead-gen: Integrate grows 20% a month tackling marketing's last mile - VentureBeat | The MarTech Digest |
Integrate is a four-year-old company that has built a network, of sorts, connecting sales-and-marketing dependent businesses with upwards of 3,500 media partners. The businesses need leads, the media partners need ad revenue, and Integrate connects them in a structured way. If you’re a business looking for leads, you set up a campaign, define your criteria, and input your instructions.

Integrate tells you which media partners would work best. You can invite your own preferred media partners onto the platform if you wish, or you can simply pick from the publishers in the marketplace.

Once your campaign is initiated, your chosen media partners upload normalized data — leads, prospects, clicks, and more — into Integrate, which then verifies all contact information. Anything that does not validate gets passed back to the partner for replacement or fixing. The result, Vaughan says, is clean, formatted data, tagged with subIDs for source, time, and other information, that can be ingested straight into Salesforce, another CRM system, or a marketing automation system.



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An inbound system that is tighter than a 3rd party DB for outbound efforts. 

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