IntellaSphere's budget marketing cloud - The Hub | The MarTech Digest |
Washington-based start-up IntellaSphere this week announced the launch of a low-priced, cloud-based marketing guidance center, and suite of associated tools, aimed primarily at the SMB segment.

IntellaSphere is very much a marketing tool. It does provide a platform for publishing and sharing content across the main social channels, and also serves to monitor relevant brand conversations across the network. Distinctively, it throws some key marketing functions into the mix. The Connections Relationship Management system integrates social activity with CRM, profiling online connections as prospects and tracking their behavior. In effect, it automatically builds a prospect database.

IntellaSphere starts at $9.95 per month for one user and five profiles. I noted that the highest priced package (for agencies) was priced at $299 per month, but only served 25 users--somewhat short of what even some medium-sized businesses might need. Worrall told me that the packages can be customized to add users and connections.