The Eight-Minute Test That Can Reveal Your Effectiveness as a Leader - HBR | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |
The results may surprise you.


But as a first step that you can do on your own, we've developed an abbreviated self-assessment which you can take here. That will give you some sense of what your leadership skills may be and how they compare to others, right now.

It will take you about eight minutes, and you will promptly receive a feedback report, which will compare the way you've rated yourself with similar self-scores of 45,000 leaders in our global database. The survey will also measure your current level of engagement and satisfaction in your leadership role.

Obviously, a brief self-assessment is not as valid as a more-extensive

assessment that includes feedback from 10 or more of your colleagues, but it will help you understand which of the 16 leadership competencies we measure — such fundamentals as thinking strategically, displaying integrity, focusing on results, taking initiative, developing others, championing change, exhibiting expertise — are your likely strengths.