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Now life sciences marketers are challenged to employ a digital — but personalized — approach to promoting their brands, with the goal of targeting all “three P’s” in healthcare: providers, payors, and patients.


Here are 3 key ways healthcare marketers are leveraging automation:

1. Glean and leverage data more effectively. Automation helps marketers create and manage comprehensive activity profiles for any individual that visits your website, receives an email, or gets uploaded to your database.


2. Keep up with evolving organizational practices. Tasks such as recording call activities, keeping track of sales calls, passing relevant call details on to superiors, and presenting approved marketing collaterals to healthcare providers, are now done automatically.


3. Support meaningful relationships with healthcare providers, payors, and prescription influencers with more personalized communications. With an enhanced focus on digital, personal engagement can’t be sacrificed. More importantly, meaningful interactions are the only way to cut through the digital clutter. Information must be personalized according to customer buying cycles and needs, and automating these key tasks helps orchestrate communications across channels, increase efficiency, and decrease resource requirements.



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