Startup Mariana Launches B2B Lead Gen Platform That Automatically Creates Personas - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |
A variety of B2B predictive lead scoring firms can find and rate companies according to how likely they are to become your customer. But startup Mariana is today launching its platform so that marketers can also more accurately find the decision-makers within those companies. 

First, the platform analyzes a client firm’s existing database of potential company targets to pinpoint the most promising possibilities. Then it goes to work finding the decision-making individuals at each targeted company. “Our special sauce,” CEO and co-founder Venkat Nagaswamy told me, “is that we automatically create persona.”

Mariana utilizes neural net-powered deep learning to create the personas expected within those companies. Data sources include Twitter’s social graph, ZoomInfo corporate profiles, Meetup, Elance,, and client companies’ historical data of past interactions with a specific company.


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