Disrupting B2B Markets Does Not Happen Overnight - Gartner | The MarTech Digest | Scoop.it


In the B2B world, most innovations have implications far beyond the purchase.  People have to be retrained, systems have to be updated, processes have to be adapted, and more.   Additionally, in the destructive phase, someone (often the person who made the original purchase recommendation) has to make the case for early replacement.   That is not an easy position to take, with its significant political ramifications.


When you look at all these factors, you can see why B2B disruptions often take several years before they reach critical mass.   This should be reflected in your strategies.   Progress is critical, but focus on the best way to achieve that progress.   Get some wins from traditional competitive procurements.  Target new buyers that have been on the sidelines since there is less emotional and organizational “baggage.”  For destructive opportunities, focus your energies on one or two competitors and implement strategies to ease the transition from them to you.



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