The Importance Of Market Intelligence For CMOs | B2B Marketing Insider | The MarTech Digest |
The following provides a list of tools and resources for gathering and maintaining effective marketing intelligence:

Wiser- Wiser is one of the best services on the market for competitive analysis, and provides CMOs with the ability to view a detailed history of product pricing for your competitors, gauge whether your prices are too high or too low based on the competition’s, set your own pricing strategy, adjust your product prices easily, and more. Wiser’s flagship product is WisePricer, a semi-automatic dynamic pricing engine, and WiseDynamic, a fully automated solution.

BrainJuicer – BrainJuicer describes themselves as an “unconventional agency” that is “reinventing market research.” BrainJuicer conducts marketing intelligence about what motivates people, what drives the decision making process, how behavior economics plays a role in business success, how to facilitate change in businesses, and ultimately how to use human nature to the advantage of your business. Great emotional advertising leads to greater effectiveness & efficiency; most of all, it’s what makes brands famous. Using the BrainJuicer FaceTrace® technology, they can measure what people are feeling, how strongly they’re feeling it, the reasons why & predict likely commercial impact.

SiteAlerts– If you want to find out what your competitors are using when it comes to technology, such as what e-commerce platform or mail provider plugins are being utilized, SiteAlerts can help. What’s cool about SiteAlerts is that not only can you discover competitor technology, but you can also see the traffic that your competitors get, where that traffic comes from, what keywords they rank for, and how their social media strategy is faring.

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