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We’re quite certain that marketing is not about the technology. It’s about customers and the market, which are still influenced predominantly by the soft science and art that our guild celebrates. Yet we can’t deny that marketing has also become tremendously dependent — some would say codependent — on technology to deliver the fruits of our craft at the speed, scale, and contextual plurality that the digital world demands.


This tension between what we do with technology vs. the technology itself is reminiscent of the debate of art vs. science in our industry. But they’re both false dichotomies. They don’t have to be opposing worldviews. On the contrary, there can be a virtuous cycle between the two: technology inspiring marketing and marketing inspiring technology. The boundaries between them quickly blur.


We resolve our conflict by embracing technology strategy and management as a native part of marketing. It’s neither master nor slave, but an equal partner in concept and execution. We learn to see processes, systems, and technology as expressions of marketing in a digital world.


It’s more than marketing operations. It’s more like marketing engineering. More accurately, it is the engineering of customer experience, from a prospect’s first touchpoint through their lifetime relationship with your firm.



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