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Is the CMO Dead? - ClickZ

Is the CMO Dead? - ClickZ | The MarTech Digest |


The Chief Digital Officer plays in the place where the enterprise meets the customer, where the revenue is generated and the mission accomplished. They’re in charge of the digital business strategy. That’s a long way from running back office IT, and it’s full of opportunity." Gartner implied that the CIO would evolve into this role. But now, according to Chris Curran, chief technologist and principal in the advisory practice at PwC, it's the CMO's game to lose. While collaboration is still the name of the game, he says, "It's more about the opportunity that is presented to the CMO than to the CIO."


Whether a company hires a CDO, and where that person sits in the organization chart, depends to a great extent on the CMO, according to Williams. "If you were a tech-savvy CMO, why would you need a CDO? When you have CMOs that aren't digitally aware, then having a CDO as your wingman makes perfect sense. By the same token, if you are a CIO and not that close to the marketing function, [a CDO may be in order]."



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CYDigital/'s insight:

Scott Brinker refers to this role as the Chief Marketing Technology Officer, which is a bit more narrowcast.

I've been saying this for more than a year: the CMO needs to be tech savvy, tech knowledgeable. If not, then the CMO is at risk to report into the CIO on all things tech (and marketing is becoming tech-driven).

Build your Marketing Ops function.

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Scooped by CYDigital/!

B2B Leaders 2013: Marketing from the top | B2B Marketing | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

B2B Leaders 2013: Marketing from the top | B2B Marketing | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |
This infographic includes data drawn from B2B Marketing's 2013 B2B Leaders Report.
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