Customer Experience Matrix: MDC DOT Provides Marketing Automation for Direct Salespeople | The MarTech Digest |
Beyond low price, MDC Dot offers two key capabilities to suit its target audience. The first is a structure that links customers to their original salesperson, even if they later contact the organization through a Web search or visit to the corporate Web site. This is especially important for businesses that pay commissions to the customer’s original salesperson. MDC Dot does this by tagging each customer with the original salesperson’s ID and then ensuring that customer is sent back to the salesperson’s own microsite when they return. The initial tagging and subsequent redirection both require inserting some MDC Dot code onto whatever content the salesperson uses for the initial customer interaction. The redirection works best when the corporate Web site and the salespeople’s microsites are all on a subdomain hosted by MDC Dot.

The second key feature makes it easy for sales people to use content created by the central marketing team by automatically inserting tags such as the salesperson’s name and contact information. This customized content can include entire microsites, landing pages, emails, campaign flows, and social media posts. Salespeople can also set up their own contents.

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