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5 Steps to Mind Map Your Content and Increase Its Reach - CMI

5 Steps to Mind Map Your Content and Increase Its Reach - CMI | The MarTech Digest |
Content mapping for curation purposes is a logical derivative of the phenomenon of mind mapping — a diagram is drawn to visually organize information, frequently around a single concept represented as a circle in the center of the map.

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An experienced content mapper can easily chop the topic into separate thoughts or ideas. But less-experienced content mappers can brainstorm, using the map as a physical manifestation — drawing a tree, for example, and jotting down in the branches all the different subjects that come to mind.

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It's a means by which to organize your content parsing and repurposing effort. The great benefit: pulling in far more benefits from a segmented effort than one big push. Excellent stuff. Click through for details to the infographic.

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Mindmapping 101: Mindmapping Principles - Marketing Technology Blog

Mindmapping 101: Mindmapping Principles - Marketing Technology Blog | The MarTech Digest |


I’m fairly new to mindmapping and came across a fantastic mindmap shared on Maps for That which shows the principles of Mindmapping.


What I appreciate most about mindmapping is that I can quickly organize my thoughts in a hierarchical manner down to a finite level of detail. This mindmap walks through why folks use mindmaps and how they’re beneficial to both left and right side brains, how to start designing your mindmap and how to utilize all the tools to differentiate each of the branches, topics, subtopics and actions. Mindjet even allows you to hyperlink the branches, add tasks, as well as share and collaborate with team members.

CYDigital/'s insight:

Many mindmapping tools out there, but this one provides a bit of guidance to the mindmapper.

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