The era of Minimum Viable Marketing™ - Fourth Source | The MarTech Digest |

"Minimum Viable Marketing™ (MVM) allows marketers to get back to basics. It focuses on experimentation and validated learning through measuring iterative cycles of activity. The goal is to quickly build a plan based on content and marketing activities that deliver the best marketing outcome. It is a common sense approach to marketing – based on testing a proposition, idea or campaign and then building on its successful elements. By relaxing some of the marketing planning disciplines, and taking ideas from the Lean methodology, marketers can transform how they go about B2B marketing. The MVM framework follows four key steps:

• Validate – test and validate your ideas or propositions
• Measure – examine the data in order to measure the impact of your campaign
• Learn – learn from your experiences and take the best ideas forward
• Improve – improve the aspects of the campaign that didn’t work as well

Typically business – to – business (B2B) marketing has been run along a linear cycle of define, design a plan of action and marketing mix, agree budget and then execute and report. Where this may have worked well in the past for mass marketing and generated some impact on reaching key targets, effectiveness is often questionable. It is also risky – why wait until the very end to measure and report? Isn’t it better to know which messages, tactics and communications get the best response, pique your decision makers’ interest and drive results? Understanding what is effective is key for the modern marketer."

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