CRM Isn't Enough -- Here's What's Next - Forbes | The MarTech Digest |
With the seismic shift in buyer behavior, we need something that goes beyond the limitations of CRM. We need to create an “AI System of Growth” that helps sellers sell in the way buyers buy. This requires three components: 1) Neural Data, 2) Sales AI and 3) Sales Engagement Apps.  

Neural Data

The modern approach to optimizing sales starts and ends with Neural Sales Data. Neural Sales Data, simply put, is human behavioral data with outcomes. For optimal success, it must be global and cross-company as well.

Sales AI

The math behind AI is becoming commoditized through companies like Google and Amazon, who give away algorithms and access to machine learning platforms. What they don’t give away, however, is the unique data that each organization (or sets of organizations) must obtain and compile on their own. 

Sales Engagement Apps

With Neural Sales Data interpreted by Sales AI, salespeople benefit from the collective experience of all salespeople in the system. They complete the circle by using sales engagement apps (email, phone, social, etc) that continually feed new data back into the system, allowing it to listen and adjust as the sales process progresses.