The Impact of Outlook's Focused Inbox for Email Marketers - CampaignMonitor | The MarTech Digest |
Focused Inbox is an update to a previous tool called Clutter. But where Clutter moved emails to different folders, Focused Inbox utilizes tabs, making it easier for users to access all their email.

Outlook takes information about how a subscriber interacts with different emails to decide if an email is a priority or not. Different subscribers could see the same emails end up in different tabs, depending on how they interact with the emails. It’s important to know that this is based on a reader’s interaction with an email, so the more targeted the messages are that you’re sending, the more likely it is to be on the Focused Inbox tab.

To avoid mailing your readers too often, or annoying them with inbox instructions, it’s best to keep emailing as you always have. Send the same content as you normally would, and most likely there is no need to send a one-off email with directions on how to get your email in the Focused tab. Keep sending your subscribers what you promised them when they signed up and they should continue to be engaged.