How Post Intelligence Uses AI And Deep Learning To Help You On Social Media - Forbes | The MarTech Digest |
Post Intelligence analyzes your tweets (if you’ve got any to analyze) through deep learning artificial intelligence. Over time it recognizes your tone, quirks and suggests topics and themes to tweet about.

Aside from content suggestions, Post Intelligence offers personalized trending topics, post engagement prediction, historical reports, sentiment graphing and engagement analysis. All things that new Twitter users don’t care about on the surface, but desperately need. What they do care about is finding a reason to use Twitter, or any social network for that reason. Every day brings new users and every day in the world of social is more overwhelming than the last.

The app not only analyzes real-time data from Twitter but it looks at content associated with URLs in public social media posts, Wikipedia and real-time Wikipedia traffic data using word embedding. It then slaps on a proprietary algorithm to solve the jumble and then constructs a current and comprehensive entity model. What does all this mean? It does a bunch of things in the background and tells you what to tweet about based on what’s hopping.