What does “predictive content” mean? Simply enough, it predicts what type of content is shown to each individual to make the most of every interaction. Predictive content relies on the uses of machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics to automatically put the most relevant content in front of each person across web, mobile, and email channels.

Based on market research, marketing and AI are still trying to find a balance. In a 2016 B2B Gallup report, 71% of consumers are uninterested or disengaged and 60% of B2B customers just don’t care about brand relationships. Instead, they prefer authentic human interaction. So AI may be filtering for relevant content, but is it really engaging the consumer?

As AI and consumer relationships try to weave themselves together seamlessly, one thing keeps getting in the way: the consumer’s desire for authenticity. It’s not about how often one sees content or how many followers people have on any given social network; it’s about the authenticity of the content and how brands engage with their followers in meaningful ways.