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A Progressive Web App Might Be Right for Your Brand - Google

A Progressive Web App Might Be Right for Your Brand - Google | The MarTech Digest |

"PWAs were introduced in 2015. Because they use less data than a regular mobile app, they first took off in emerging markets that suffer from poor internet connectivity.


Now they’re taking off around the world. Hundreds of global marketers use them to create more seamless mobile user experiences.


It’s not hard to see why leading brands would embrace PWAs. They realize the need to provide the best mobile experience for users―regardless of platform."

CYDigital/'s insight:

The best page for more information:


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Introducing Progressive Web Apps - Moz

Introducing Progressive Web Apps - Moz | The MarTech Digest |
Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing when it comes to delivering a dynamite mobile experience. But what actually makes a PWA? Should you have one? And if you create one, how will you make sure it ranks?
CYDigital/'s insight:

Google has been rolling this out since mid-August, and I cannot say this any more forcefully: YOU WANT THIS. It's an immediate (sorta) way to build quick differentiation, and it the next step is digital property representation.


CT to the Moz post, then wander over to Google Dev.


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