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The Talent Land Grab For Technical Marketers: How To Win - Marketing Land

The Talent Land Grab For Technical Marketers: How To Win - Marketing Land | The MarTech Digest |


For starters, it may sound obvious, but to land the best talent in this area, a recruiter — whether internal or external — needs:

  • Fluency in marketing transformation in general, and marketing tech in particular.
  • The freedom and time and interest to proactively and personally scout talent, such as through personal outreach, social media, and attending conferences.
  • A more agile approach to talent acquisition, to respond to the tight talent market


The main talent acquisition challenges facing hiring managers are:

  • Sourcing talent
  • Evaluating talent
  • Selling talent


Senior-most marketing technologists need to scale their architecture – comprising technology, people, and process — across the organization. For that, you will need people who enjoy not just coming up with a new solution, but also making that solution repeatable and standardized. Look for evidence that a candidate embraces simplicity, since it is in reducing ambiguity that their solutions can be broadly applied.


At the same time, an effective chief marketing technologist will focus on cross-training the team, to develop their altitude and provide fresh challenges. This cross-training builds organizational nimbleness, which is essential to responding to changes in technology and markets.



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CYDigital/'s insight:

Here's the fact that you have to deal with: demand far outstrips supply. In that case, you really need to think outside the box. And, of course, consider outsourcing.

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Scooped by CYDigital/!

How LinkedIn's University Pages Will Kick Your Marketing Strategy Up a Notch - HubSpot | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

How LinkedIn's University Pages Will Kick Your Marketing Strategy Up a Notch - HubSpot | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | The MarTech Digest |
Learn how LinkedIn's new University Pages will help you boost your university's social presence.


Ready to give your university's social presence a boost? You're in luck! Last week, the professional social network LinkedIn announced University Pages.


A platform for universities to share information, connect with prospective students and their parents, and retain communication with alumni networks, University Pages are “one cornerstone of our strategy to help students at every critical milestone from campus to fulfilling, successful careers," said LinkedIn Director of Product Management Christine Allen in the blog post announcement on August 19th. 


While University Pages are currently only available to a limited number of universities, LinkedIn indicates that thousands more schools will be given access to their University Pages over the next few weeks.

University Pages are not just a breakthrough for high school students starting their college search; they’re also important for your university's internet marketing strategy for several reasons. Most notably, your school’s marketing department now has the ability to connect with prospective students and their parents during the earlier stages of the college search. Historically, your school could communicate with those who had shown interest in information on your website or at a local event.


But starting September 12th, LinkedIn will begin allowing high school students to create their own LinkedIn profiles, instantly creating a new channel of online communication between your university and high school students conducting early research about colleges they may want to apply to in a few years. That’s a whole new world of content, information, and interactions for your school’s marketing team to consider and leverage. And the nature of LinkedIn allows more formal conversations and interactions to happen, compared to the informal/friendly nature of Facebook and the character limitations of Twitter. 

CYDigital/'s insight:

We have more than a few readers from the education vertical, so this is scooped especially for you. But we are also scooping this for the recruiting/HR function: own the student/unversity, and you own the entry level recruiting environment. Fascinating approach by LinkedIn, and talk about a long term strategy. Smart, smart, smart.

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